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Red Essence Games, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA

Founding Date: July, 2017
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Release Date: TBD

Mask of Semblance is a 2D hand painted Action/Adventure RPG focusing on problem solving, stylish combat, and moral decision making. The world will be designed to be playable forwards and backwards.

You wake up in a cold, dark room. The dust and smoke surrounding you shades your surroundings with mystery. Your senses are stale from the timeless slumber you seem to have woken from. Pain is rushing through your body as you muster the power to stand up from your resting place. Your clothes, your name, your purpose…only a fragment of your memory persists.

A malformed light in the form of eyes, a mouth, and mysterious marking beckons you over.

“Dear boy”, the Mask begins, “let’s make a deal…”, not only greeting you but offering to make a nameless bargain. “I will be your guide in this place if you agree to take me to my master” are the terms. Upon acceptance, the boy’s journey begins.

In early 2017, Nik and Arman had begun creating a concept for a game featuring a young boy traversing a mystical world. Nik began prototyping the game and creating concept art and then joined up with Arman to transform the game into what is now Mask Of Semblance. As the months went by, the game’s design and mechanics began to take shape and the story was written. The goal was to make a game that the creators love to play and also educate others on themes of the self and the mind; the nagging, persistent, and soul crushing epidemic that hinders mankind. The Red Essence team has great plans for Mask Of Semblance, which is to deliver a beautiful, living, breathing game that creates an unforgettable experience.

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Lead Artist / Story: Nik Hagialas
Lead Programmer / Lead Designer: Arman Ayrapetyan
PR Manager / Assistant Artist: Gordon Neill
Voice Over / Writing: Gareth Mason
Music / SFX: Milan Kovarbasic