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We’ve been adding some cool new features to prep for PAX East and just wanted to share some details! We realized we didn’t have fluidity switching between certain new scenarios we were working on so we decided to look into implementing some camera effects. All of these were FREE. The first thing we implemented was the KinoGlitch open source scripts on GitHub, which someone at a social event recommended. They give these effects:

In addition, we downloaded the Unity Post-Processing Stack from the Unity store. This gives many options for camera effects for low and high end graphics post-processing effects. Some of these are ambient occlusion, depth of field. motion blur, bloom, vignette, and many others.

So why are effects so important aside from adding a bit of flashiness to your project?

Because it allows you to create smooth and creative transitions between scenes or events. It allows the player to stay in the game, as opposed to being distracted by the abrupt change and breaking the flow of the events that you want them to experience. It doesn’t sound that important from an outside perspective, but just like in music, fluid transitions are what distinguish great music from decent music. So give your audience a good show and spice up your project with some effects!

If anyone has any questions on implementation, we can certainly try to help. Thanks and keep in touch!

-Arman @ MoS Team

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