Mask Of Semblance Version 2.0 Available Now!

Hey Everyone!

Over the last few weeks, our development team has gotten a chance to revise gameplay features based on some critical feedback. Most of this feedback revolved around issues with combat and the fluidity of animations. We have also extended the demo to allow players to engage in some more small-time combat before facing the boss. All around, we feel like these changes, along with several minor visual changes, provide for a better overall gameplay experience.

We want to thank everyone who played our demo, participated in our live streams, and gave us their honest feedback. Your voice and involvement is helping shape Mask of Semblance to be a great game experience for everyone! Below is a list of changes / features we have added to the Demo v2.0.

New Features:
-Eliminated stamina usage from attack
-Screen shake when attacking
-Stamina bar turns yellow when low
-Added new combat sequence
-Instructions provide more information
-Acquired Blast Ability activated with (Hold “L”+ “J”)
-Modified Spriggit attack animation
-Added dust particles to Run and Roll
-Quit Button pops up at end of demo
-Integrated transparent top layer assets for visibility
-”You Died” screen on death, with re-spawn delay
-Modified Boss AI for slightly more aggressive feel

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