It’s Design Day!

Today I will be giving a little insight to the design of our character.

I actually had thought of the story of Mask of Semblance before I even began designing the character. This was a tough undertaking, as I knew I would be producing hundreds of hand painted frames for this guy. I wanted to incorporate enough detail that the character didn’t seem boring, but needed to hold back enough to be able to pull off the animation work.

Our game centers around the theme of Samsara – which is the cyclical nature of life – so I researched symbols that I could incorporate and would stick with this character to the end (the design on his back). The other theme is “divided paths”, hence the design on the character’s shoulder.

I was interested in creating a character that was more racially ambiguous, as that isn’t important to our story, but I wanted his clothing style to reflect more of an eastern, or middle-eastern aesthetic.

As far as colors go, I went through numerous passes on color palette, and eventually came up with this primary/earthy look. The clothing colors needed to be subtle enough that the white of the mask was pronounced. I believe that the red on the back of his cape, hood, bandanna, and knees added harmony to the character and helped silhouette his form.

-The first step in this process is creating the line art, and working in flat colors behind the lines.
-After that, I will give the character his secondary shades with a hard round brush. I will aslo warp the flat designs I have, onto the character depending on the direction he is facing
-The last step is to use the blending tool, as well as a painterly brush, to smooth out some of the strokes, and give the character a cool, painted feel.

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