Today’s Topic is Coding for Mask of Semblance

In order to create a game that is both stylish and flexible, we decided to use Unity as our game engine and backbone. Unity has many amazing features that allows both artists and coders to easily interact in the same environment.

We use C# scripts to add individual functionality to our components such as the player and enemies and an integrated dialogue system to handle cutscenes and dialogue scenarios. C# scripts and scripting in general allows for flexibility because once we figure out how to code them, we just attach them to all the intended objects. You can think of a script as a set of specific instructions you might give to an object to run at specific times in the game.

For example:
Step 1: Draw the enemy and add it to the scene
Step 2: Create Enemy AI script, have it activate when you are close by
Step 3: Add Enemy AI script to all corresponding enemies in scene
Step 4: Test the script

We rinse and repeat these steps for most other assets (game objects) until we have a functional part of the game! At times, however, large software projects like this tend to run into issues and bugs in very unusual and hard to uncover areas.

This post contains an image of some scripts we currently use for our player.

We look forward to covering this topic at a later date so stay tuned for more posts!


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