Mask of Semblance

Red Essence Games is currently working on its flagship title, Mask of Semblance! A boy wakes up in a mysterious place to find a sentient Mask artifact. With the mask as your companion you will travel through a mysterious world encountering themes of the self and the mind, nature vs. technology, and the cyclical nature of life.

Mask of Semblance is a hand painted Action/Adventure RPG focusing on problem solving, stylish combat, and moral decision making. The world is designed to be playable forwards and backwards. Our current vertical slice demo includes an introduction to the characters, multiple boss battles, basic combat, puzzles, and exploration.

You wake up in a cold,
dark room.

The dust and smoke surrounding you shades your whereabouts with mystery. Your senses are stale from the timeless slumber you seem to have woken from. Pain is rushing through your body as you muster the power to stand up from your resting place. Your clothes, your name, your purpose...only a fragment of your memory persists.

“Dear Boy”, The Mask Begins,
“Let’s Make A Deal...”

In Mask of Semblance you will be choosing paths, choosing sides, exploring, fighting, solving puzzles, and discovering secrets along your journey. You might also uncover some interesting facts about yourself in the process!

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